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Simple Way to Make Homemade Natural Coconut Oil

Simple Way to Make Homemade Natural Coconut Oil

Make natural coconut oil, Whole Coconuts

Using natural coconut in your beauty regime is a great way to get incredible beauty benefits without adding any nasty stuff. Stylist Africa is on hand to give you the best hacks to keep you looking beautiful the natural way, you will love this recipe to make your own natural coconut oil.

Solange Loves It

Solange “Coconut oil. I use all in my hair. I use it on my face, on my skin, and good amounts. It’s kind of a saving grace.” And she wouldn’t be the only one.  For Solange she uses it for twists and blowouts, and uses it before, during and after shampooing her hair.

What Makes It So Special:

Coconut oil contains mainly saturated fatty acids giving it powerful smoothing and softening properties. In addition it has natural anti-fungal properties making it great for reducing dandruff.  When applied to hair it protects against sun damage, prevents and treats split ends and keeps it shiny and healthy. It is even suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

How to Make It

What you’ll Need-

  • 6 Fresh Coconuts
  • Hammer (Or another tool for breaking open the nut)
  • Grater or Food Processor
  • 2 Large Bowls
  • Paper towels
  • Sieve
  • Container


Step 1- Start with cracking opening the coconut, by initially making a small crack you can drain the coconut water without making a mess

Make natural coconut oil, split coconut

Step 2- Continue to break into smaller pieces. Remove the husk and skin from the coconut

Make natural coconut oil, Removing huskMake natural coconut oil, removing coconut skin

Step 3- Rinse

Make natural coconut oil, rinse

Step 4- Finely grate by hand or use a food processor then place in a large bowl

Make natural coconut oil, grated in bowl

Step 5- Pour lukewarm water into the bowl, the oils will start to release. Squeeze the grated coconut to aid the process for approximately 5 minutes

Make natural coconut oil, pour water-squeeze

Step 6- Sieve into another large bowl

Make natural coconut oil, sieve

Step 7- Leave overnight to set. The oils will form a separate layer on to of the water

Make natural coconut oil, leave to set

Step 8- Drain the water and use paper towels to soak up any excess water

Make natural coconut oil, drainMake natural coconut oil, dry out

Step 9- Place the coconut solid in a pan and gently heat in order to get the pure oil. Keep the oil at a low temperature to maintain all the benefits of the oil.

Make natural coconut oil, heat

Step 10- When the oil separated use a sieve to pour into your desired container and allow to cool.

separated oil Make natural coconut oil, sieve into container

Enjoy your coconut for all its wonderful beauty benefits!


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